Empowering schools to end sexual violence

About Project IX


We believe that every school should have access to effective solutions for preventing and responding to sexual violence – regardless of their ability to pay.

Project IX is the nonprofit alternative to expensive Title IX consultancy services for schools. We envision a future in which all schools are provided with the tools, skills and confidence to create safer environments – and all students have the opportunity to grow into respectful citizens who contribute to reducing sexual violence and harassment in communities and workplaces.

One campus at a time, we help to create lasting institutional, individual and community transformations.

Cherie A. Scricca and Jody Shipper

Cherie A. Scricca and Jody Shipper


Jody Shipper, JD

Co-founder, Project IX, Inc.

"As counsel, I saw how costly lawsuits were to institutions, but what kept me awake at night were the personal costs to people whose lives were directly affected. Project IX was born from a need to do something about reducing those painful impacts.”

A nationally recognized expert on Title IX, Jody Shipper has more than twenty years of broad-ranging experience in Title IX-connected fields. Industry leaders consider her expertise to be at the cutting edge. Educators and administrators who face issues of sexual misconduct on campuses regularly seek her guidance. Ms. Shipper lectures extensively on Title IX law, institutional responsibilities, and the implementation of best practices.

Before committing herself to Project IX, Ms. Shipper was Systemwide Director for Title IX/VAWA/Clery and Sexual Assault, Sexual Violence for the University of California system. Prior to that, she served as executive director of the Office of Equity and Diversity at the University of Southern California, where she also held the post of chief Title IX administrator. In that capacity she provided advice on diversity efforts, sexual assault prevention and training, and guidance to staff and faculty. Previously, Jody served as outside counsel to businesses and non-profits in California, litigating employment and education matters before state and federal courts as well as administrative agencies.

Ms. Shipper received her JD from the University of California, Hastings College of Law and her bachelor's degree from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. She is the author of the comprehensive reference manual Workplace Investigations: The HR Manager’s Step-by-Step Guide. Ms. Shipper was also a founding board member of the California Association of Workplace Investigations (now AWI).   


Cherie A. Scricca, EdD

Co-founder, Project IX, Inc.

“When issues of sexual violence are not properly addressed, students are at greater risk. On the other hand, when effective solutions are implemented, not only are students safer but over time each campus becomes a driving force for positive societal transformation.”

Cherie Scricca has served institutions of higher education in leadership positions for more than 20 years. She is recognized for her entrepreneurial approach to program development and management, having created programs and academic initiatives drawing on the strengths of public and private partnerships. A passionate advocate for meaningful, effective solutions to gender-based violence, Dr. Scricca is a founding board member of Project IX. Her intimate understanding of the needs of students, faculty, and staff enables her to address highly sensitive issues among and across the diverse communities of higher education institutions and organizations.

For the past five years, Dr. Scricca has served as an independent consultant to colleges and universities on matters relating to Title IX. Her work has included helping institutions create and establish Title IX offices, and implementation of prevention and response procedures and protocols. Previously, she held leadership positions at six public and private universities – University of Southern California; University of Maryland; University of California, Berkeley; Golden Gate University; University of California, Hastings College of the Law; and Minnesota State University, Mankato. 

Cherie received her EdD from the University of Pennsylvania, School of Education in the Management of Higher Education Programs, where her research focused on “University-Industry Research Partnerships” in higher education.  She received her MS in Women’s Studies from Minnesota State University, Mankato, and her BA in Political Science from Miami University, in Oxford Ohio.