Empowering schools to end sexual violence

Empowering schools to end sexual violence


Our Mission

Project IX provides under-resourced schools with transformative solutions for preventing and responding to gender-based violence, improving the future for students and their communities.

The Need

Studies show that sexual violence among youth is widespread and frequently occurs at schools, from kindergarten through college.


Being the victim of child sexual abuse doubles the likelihood of adult sexual victimization (Parillo et. al., 2003) (Sarkar, N.; Sarkar, R., 2005).

Women who have been raped before the age of 18 have double the risk of being raped in adulthood as do women with no history of rape. (Tjaden & Thoennes, 2006)

National Coalition for Women and Girls in Education (NCWGE) “Report Card on Gender Equity”:

  • 30% of undergraduate students and 40% graduate students reported being sexually harassed at school.  
  • 62% of female college students and 61% of male college students report having been harassed at their institutions.  

Why Project IX

A Proven Approach

According to CDC, “weak laws and policies” related to sexual violence are risk factors for perpetration and “improving safety and monitoring in schools” is an intervention that has “a beneficial impact on rates of sexual harassment, other SV, and dating violence among students.” Project IX has the recognized expertise in both law and education to deliver the kinds of clear policies and sound practices that have proven to be effective in preventing and responding to sexual violence.

Better Outcomes at Lower Cost

Our hands-on approach is highly collaborative. We respect the values and culture of each school and community. We encourage inclusion, building supportive community and law enforcement partnerships. This leads to economical solutions that maximize use of existing resources. It also strengthens buy-in, making decisions more likely to be fully enacted and supported.

A Model of Self-Sufficiency

By definition, under-resourced schools are those that can’t afford the high cost of solutions that require expensive purchases and ongoing expenditures. By design, our solutions empower schools to become self-sufficient, leaving them with the tools, skills and confidence to manage their sexual violence prevention and response process without further consulting expenses.

Reduced Social and Monetary Costs

Lawsuits benefit no one. Project IX’s training, education and implementation procedures are expertly focused on reducing the high social, emotional and monetary costs of damage claims and litigation. Our customized collaboration with each school helps overcome barriers to effective implementation, further reducing exposure.

Lasting Transformations

Project IX’s methodology encourages lasting change by engaging all stakeholders and customizing each solution. Unlike consultants who try to impose canned procedures developed by outsiders, we work within a school’s existing culture to develop “insider” solutions that lead to lasting institutional, individual and community transformations.

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