Empowering schools to end sexual violence

Transformative solutions for lasting impact


Improved Outcomes for Students, Schools and Communities

Effective Intervention Techniques

Gender-based violence is preventable. CDC’s 2016 report STOP SV: A Technical Package to Prevent Sexual Violence states that “improving safety and monitoring in schools” is one intervention that has “a beneficial impact on rates of sexual harassment, other SV, and dating violence among students.”

With recognized expertise in both law and education, Project IX is uniquely able to provide this beneficial intervention. We recommend and implement clear policies, fair practices, and robust accountability that improve school safety and provide the means for monitoring and responding to reports of sexual violence.

Lasting Institutional, Individual and Community Transformations

Project IX’s methodology encourages lasting change by engaging all stakeholders and customizing each solution. Unlike consultants who try to impose canned procedures developed by outsiders, we work within a school’s existing culture to develop “insider” solutions. We also help build community service and law enforcement partnerships. By making sure decisions have broad local buy-in, recommended policies and procedures are far more likely to be fully enacted and strongly supported.

Our students and our communities thrive when we foster an environment of mutual respect and personal responsibility. By enabling additional students to grow into respectful citizens who contribute to reducing sexual harassment in communities and workplaces, we strengthen our communities and our country.

Reduced Social, Personal and Monetary Costs

A Less Expensive Solution to a Costly Problem

Between Jan. 1, 2011 and Dec. 31, 2015, one of the nation’s largest insurers of educational institutions paid out nearly $31M in sexual assault claims. That averages out to more than $6M per year. Add in the dozens of other companies that also cover schools, and we can reasonably project annual losses in the tens of millions. Far worse are the enormous emotional and social costs to individuals and families involved.

Prevention is always less expensive than payouts – and it eliminates the emotional pain of assault. Project IX provides training and education that is expertly focused on reducing exposure and preventing expensive losses to schools and their insurers. We develop solutions that maximize use of existing resources to achieve positive results without costly or ongoing expenditures. And our customized collaboration with each school helps overcome barriers to effective implementation, further reducing exposure.