Empowering schools to end sexual violence

Customized solutions for lasting transformations


Project IX works directly with schools, developing effective solutions to reduce the acceptance and tolerance of sexual violence and sexual assault. Our services are tailored to your specific situation and requirements.

Institutions may benefit from some or all of what we offer. We work with you to determine what’s most important to accomplish. If your school’s requirements exceed the limits of your budget, we make every effort as a nonprofit to provide the services you need and want. The following examples are intended to give a sense of the range of possibilities. Call us or submit our Contact Form to begin the conversation.

Example 1: 
Full Institutional Assessment

Our multi-day, on-campus assessment of current Title IX policies, procedures and protocols is designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your current state of compliance. Using questionnaires, interviews and on-site assessment, we determine how effectively your school is meeting current federal and state guidelines and requirements, including applicable components of the Violence Against Women Act. You receive a user-friendly report outlining the issues, identifying compliance concerns, and explaining preliminary options for remedying problems.


  • Collect and analyze information on all existing sexual violence policies, procedures, protocol and trainings
  • Compare your existing sexual violence policies and procedures with student and employee codes of conduct policies and procedures to uncover discrepancies and inconsistencies in Title IX compliance


  • Assess all of the above for compliance with federal and applicable state guidelines
  • Examine your existing sexual misconduct procedures and protocols to discover any inconsistencies in their alignment with existing sexual misconduct policy
  • Determine whether student conduct, faculty and human resources procedures and protocols are in conflict with existing sexual misconduct policy and procedures


  • Prepare a gap analysis identifying need-gaps between your existing policies, procedures and trainings and current federal and state guidelines
  • Provide an institution-specific checklist for achieving minimum compliance, including suggestions for meeting these requirements
  • Identify options for exceeding minimum compliance requirements that are in keeping with your campus culture, school policies, mission and values
  • Identify conflicts between sexual misconduct policies and other school policies, and provide suggestions for alignment


Example 2: 
Implementation Guidance

For each school, we undertake a detailed analysis and generate an actionable plan that charts your course forward. Working collaboratively, we help to design a network of best practices and low cost partnerships that meet the unique needs and goals of your institution. The plan makes full use of existing campus and community resources, while respecting your culture and values.


  • Analyze your current Title IX infrastructure alongside compliance requirements and in consideration of existing employee skillset, workload and organizational structure


  • Determine staffing and infrastructure options that minimize the need to hire additional staff, respecting your school’s unique culture and resources.
  • Define partnership opportunities with local law enforcement and community sexual violence services
  • Suggest local resources for investigations and adjudication
  • Work with campus leadership to identify obstacles to implementation of a comprehensive and compliant Title IX policy and process


  • Generate a plan for implementation that includes:
    • Recommendations for using low to no cost resources
    • List of community partnership and training resources
    • Guidelines for overcoming identified obstacles


Example 3:
Leadership & Staff Training

Education and training can be the best way to ensure that your policies and procedures are fully understood and properly executed. Project IX is highly skilled at providing training that is tailored to each audience. We can work with you to establish the plans we’ve developed together, or help you get better at executing your existing compliance program. Our training is done on-site, focusing on policy and procedure implementation and incident response. Staff and leadership training may be offered separately, or we can bring the entire team together.


  • Provide basic education on best practices for Title IX and VAWA compliance
  • Walk through steps for successfully implementing best practices within your institution
  • Explore ways to improve application of your policies and procedures by using past incidents or test cases as practice


  • Provide basic education on best practices for Title IX and VAWA compliance to all individuals responsible for compliance and handling of incidents of sexual violence
  • Customize training on responsible employee best practices, trauma-sensitive investigations and practices, due process, and overall understanding of campus response protocols
  • Explore ways to improve application of your policies and procedures by using past incidents or test cases as practice
  • Provide in depth, one-to-one training for front line Title IX service providers